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I love my suppressive government! How the F__K can you prosecute someone for expressing an opinion in a book and call that fraud. NO wonder we have a drug problem on this planet. Next it will be illegal to wipe your ass! All these people who earn a living making rules for others need to GO. Fast. If 12/21/2012 prophesises that then I am all for it. It is time for mankind to be set free! No more phoney crone leadership to sell us down the river while raiding the national treasury in the name of justice. No more HIV tainted flu vaccines for third world countries to help lower the world population. I have a better way. lets send all politicians to Mars! The Mayans predict the evolution of mankind. They postulate that we will become Telepathic and clairvoyant by 2012. I pray for this every day. If it is true it will be the downfall of all lying bastards everywhere. You know who you are and soon we will to. Prosecute that Mr Suppressive!! You might be a judge! I am man and in Gods eyes I have as much right as you do. I will stand up in his court any day of the week. Can you ???? Men have been suppressed since the beginning of civilization! By who??? Our own leaders. They keep us ignorant so that we need to rely on there leadership and the money continues to flow to the top of the heap. This is why Jesus was crucified. He was a threat that represented the freedom of mankind so he was wacked! Plain and simple. All great leaders who threaten the illuminati leadership get wacked! All of these statements are only my humble opinion based on all that I have read as well as my life experiences.

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Neanderthals & humans lived side by side

Neanderthals were thought to have died out as modern humans arrived in Europe. Now, artifacts found in a cave in Gibraltar reveal that the two groups coexisted for millenia before Neanderthals finally dwindled out of existence...

They did not share a cave, but rather shared Europe. There isn't any evidence of the two inter-breeding, so it looks they just lived in the same continent at the same time, perhaps peacefully.

My belief is that the cataclysm of around 10,000BC caused the demise of the Neanderthals, and the mutation of humans into how we are today, as well as other human mutations that did not survive until today - giants, hobbits etc. The Neanderthals and earlier humans are mutated forms of an earlier homo species, wihich occured during the previous cataclysm, whenever that was...

Source: New Scientist

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Scientists Sequence Complete Genome of Woolly Mammoth

That they have managed to do this, and I guess the possibly of the species being resurrected, is the news. For the how & why of it all, follow the link below.

Source: Yubanet

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Genes inherited from RNA (and not just DNA)

Mendel's laws underlie almost all of genetics. They state, for example, that it is the combination of dominant and recessive genes inherited from the parents that dictates an offspring's characteristics.

In the main, this is true, but examples of inherited traits are being discovered that deviate from this rule. These "epigenetic" effects are caused not by genes themselves, but by inherited factors that affect gene expression in later generations. The latest such effect, described by a team led by Minoo Rassoulzadegan at Sophia Antipolis University in Nice, France, shows that RNA, as well as DNA, can carry information from one generation to another - a clear violation of the cherished notion of Mendelian inheritance.

Basically, mice that inherited dominant spotted tail genes had spotted tails, but some with normal tail genes had spotted tails - something that cannot happen according to DNA & gene inheritance laws. So it looks like that RNA can and does have some effect.

Source: New Scientist

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Neanderthal DNA 100K Years Old

Although it is highly impressive that DNA from 100,000 years ago has been extracted from the tooth of a Neanderthal child found in a cave in Belgium - what I find interesting is the following:

The study, reported in Current Biology, suggests our distant cousins were more genetically diverse than once thought...

"The Scladina sequence has revealed that the genetic diversity of Neanderthals has been underestimated," a team led by Dr Catherine Hanni of Ecole Normale Superieur in Lyon, France, wrote in the journal Current Biology.

"Thus, more Neanderthal sequences than the six presently available and longer than 100 bp are needed to fully understand the extent of the past diversity of Neanderthals."

Could it be that due to whatever really drives human evolution was permanently present back in those days, and that all Neanderthals were of their own unique individual strain?

Source: BBC

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Humans are still evolving

Mostly due to changes in diet, scientists have say they "have found more than 700 genetic variants that evolution may have favored during the past 10,000 years, illustrating how human evolution is continuing."

Basically, the less "gene shuffling that occurs each generation, called recombination", there is, the more recent the genetic variation should be.

The most convincing and most easily understood is the "lactase mutation, which lets adults digest milk, appeared in about 90 percent of Europeans". This would have begun with humans domesticating animals that can be milked. Lactose intolerance would have been the norm prior to agriculture.

Source: World-Science

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Chickens can grow teeth

That's right! Chickens have retained the ability to grow teeth. These means that horses might have retained the ability to grow a horn like a unicorn, and humans might have retained the ability the grow a third eye or be 10 feet tall...

Working late in the developmental biology lab one night, Matthew Harris of the University of Wisconsin noticed that the beak of a mutant chicken embryo he was examining had fallen off. Upon closer examination of the snubbed beak, he found tiny bumps and protuberances along its edge that looked like teeth--alligator teeth to be specific.

Exactly how the mutation causes the chickens to sprout teeth is unknown, Fallon notes, but a similar effect can be produced in normal chickens. Harris proved this by engineering a virus to mimic the molecular signals of the mutation and caused normal chickens to briefly develop teeth that were then reabsorbed into the beak.

Source: Scientific American

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Radiation creates sexual earthworms

A low dose of radiation makes earthworms switch from asexual to sexual reproduction.

Enchytraeus japonensis, a species of earthworm found in Japan, normally reproduces by breaking into six or more sections, each of which grows into a new worm. But when Yukihisa Miyachi and colleagues from the International University of Health and Welfare in Otawara, Japan, exposed the worms to 4.5 micrograys of radiation per hour, about 15 times higher than natural background radiation levels, they stopped fragmenting. Instead, the researchers discovered that 85 per cent of the worms had produced eggs, some of which developed into juveniles, suggesting that the creatures had been having sex (Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, vol 79, p 1). The effect disappeared when the radiation level was increased to 30 micrograys per hour.

Source: New Scientist

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Cats "evolved quickly"

The "missing link" fossils for cats don't exist because cat habitats are not very conducive to creating fossils. But what got me in this article are two things:

  1. Cats evolved "remarkably quickly" (no further explanation given, unless you accept that 11 million years is quick)

  2. Cheetahs apparantly migrated from Asia to the Americas, and then back to Asia before going to Africa (or maybe an ancient human took a pair to Africa in his boat??)

Source: Discovery Channel

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Evidence of panspemia in India

“These particles have much similarity with biological cells though they are devoid of DNA,” wrote Godfrey Louis and A. Santhosh Kumar of Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, India, in the controversial paper.

“Are these cell-like particles a kind of alternate life from space?”

The mystery began when the scarlet showers containing the red specks hit parts of India in 2001. Researchers said the particles might be dust or a fungus, but it remained unclear.

The new paper includes a chemical analysis of the particles, a description of their appearance under microscopes and a survey of where they fell. It assesses various explanations for them and concludes that the specks, which vaguely resemble red blood cells, might have come from a meteor.

.... If the particles do represent alien life forms, said Louis and Kumar, this would fit with a longstanding theory called panspermia, which holds that life forms could travel around the universe inside comets and meteors.

These rocky objects would thus “act as vehicles for spreading life in the universe,” they added.

Source: World Science

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Pregnancy drug affects grandkids

Doctors treating a woman at risk of having a premature baby may inadvertently be affecting her future grandchildren as well. A study in guinea pigs suggests that a drug commonly given to pregnant women to help their babies mature enough to survive can also affect the brains and behaviour of their grandchildren too. The finding raises a difficult dilemma for doctors, for while the drug undoubtedly saves lives, its side effects could last for generations.

Source: New Scientist

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Eatiing food can change your DNA

In the latest development, normal rats have been made to behave differently just by injecting them with a specific amino acid. The change to their behaviour was permanent. The amino acid altered the way the rat's genes were expressed, raising the idea that drugs or dietary supplements might permanently halt the genetic effects that predispose people to mental or physical illness.

It is not yet clear whether such interventions could work in humans. But there is good reason to believe they could, as evidence mounts that a range of simple nutrients might have such effects.

[in 2003 it was discovered]...the activity of a mouse's genes can be influenced by food supplements eaten by its mother just prior to, or during, very early pregnancy.

[in 2004 it was discovered]...mothers could influence the way a rat's genes are expressed after it has been born. If a rat is not licked, groomed and nursed enough by its mother, chemical tags known as methyl groups are added to the DNA of a particular gene.

...Now the team has shown that a food supplement can have the same effect on well-reared rats at 90 days old - well into adulthood. The researchers injected L-methionine, a common amino acid and food supplement, into the brains of well-reared rats. The amino acid methylated the glucocorticoid gene, and the animals' behaviour changed.

..."Szyf's ideas are creating a buzz, as they suggest that methylation can influence our DNA well into adulthood. A huge number of diseases are caused by changes to how our DNA is expressed, and this opens up new ways of thinking about how to prevent and treat them"

So, radiation that damages the structure of foods we eat, could indirectly change our DNA, and possibly how we evolve???

Source: New Scientist

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Intelligent Design rejected by US judge

Pennsylvania science teachers will not be forced to advocate "intelligent design" after a judge ruled that that the theory is really religion in disguise.

Judge John Jones of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania ruled that intelligent design... is in fact reworked creationism.

...Jones said that the history of intelligent design shows that it is essentially creationism with explicit references to God and the Bible removed. As such, it is primarily a religious theory, not a scientific one, and cannot be taught in US public schools, which are prevented from promoting religion.

....He also found that intelligent design relies on the "false dualism" that if evolution can be disproven, then intelligent design is proven. In any case, he found that intelligent design's criticisms of evolution have been largely refuted.

Source: New Scientist

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Mammoth clone looking more likely

A portion of the genetic code of the mammoth has been reconstructed and, to the surprise of scientists, the team that carried out the feat believes that it will be possible to decode the entire genetic make-up.

... So far, around 30 million "letters" of the genetic code have been read, albeit in small pieces, representing around 1 per cent of the entire code. The team says it could take as little as a year to finish the estimated 2.8 billion-letter code that provides the genetic wherewithal to create the animal.

Dr Stephan Schuster of Pennsylvania State University, one of the team that published the new work in the journal Science, said on Monday that it may also be possible to genetically alter an elephant to turn it into a mammoth.

Source: The Age

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Yet another human species

From an email list I subscribe to, News_of_the_Strange_and_Curious:

In July 2005, a small Primate skull was discovered in the desert of Tafilalet near Erfoud ( Marocco ). It was in the sand of a marble quarry where Devonian fossils were already found. Subsequently, the skull could be around 360 million years old. Characteristic features in the only 6.9 cm high and 3,9 cm broad fossil indicate the genus Homo : a globular forehead and hind skull, and an inferior position of the occipital hole under the cranium, which is typical for upright body posture. The fossil was called Homo alaouite, in homage to the Alaouite Dynasty.

To be continued... (in french) at the CERBI official site : perso.wanadoo.fr

or the CERBI miror site : cerbi.ldi5.com

I believe that a mass influx of cosmic ray radiation has created many, many more human species that those that have been found in fossil form. Fossils are a rare and unusual thing. And most of the new species did not last very long...


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More Giants from the Past

Above is a 13 foot "ancient crocodile one whose massive jaws and jagged teeth would have made it the most fearsome predator in the sea"...

... and also recently discovered is a 3 metre tall camel from 100,000 years ago.

Source: AstroBio + Swiss Info

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Instant Evolution

I've been criticised for suggesting that some human species evolved in the space of a generation or two. This isn't the same thing, but appears to prove what scientists previously dismissed as impossible...

A new species of insect may have arisen in an evolutionary eye-blink as a result of cross-species mating. The discovery suggests that hybridisation - well known to be an important force in producing new plant species - may also be widespread in animals. Until now, it had been assumed that new animal species almost always arise by gradually splitting off from an existing lineage

Source: New Scientist

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Epigenetics: How genes change but keep their DNA

I'm quoting this article in full, because it is half of the evidence that something like cosmic rays can cause evolution. The other half will be that epigentics can carry on to the next generation, not via inherited DNA, but through the mother to the child during pregnancy (when some DNA can change).

Identical twins grow apart, genetically, as the years pass, a team of European and U.S. researchers reported.

Their study of identical twins show the genetic code itself does not change, but rather chemical changes after birth alter the way the gene is expressed, a process known as epigenetics.

The study, which involved researchers and twins in Spain, Denmark, Britain, Sweden and the United States, can help shed light on how environment and genes interact to produce disease and ordinary differences between people.

They studied 80 twins from Spain, and found significant epigenetic differences in 35 percent of them. The younger pairs of twins were identical, while the older pairs were more likely to differ from one another.

"Most importantly, we found a direct association between the remarkable epigenetic differences observed and the age of the monozygotic (identical) twins: the youngest pairs were epigenetically similar, whereas the oldest pairs were clearly distinct," the researchers wrote in this week's edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Our study reveals that the patterns of epigenetic modifications in (identical) twin pairs diverge as they become older."

Identical twins occur in one out of every 250 births around the world. But although their genetic codes are virtually identical, there are clear differences that are obvious to more than just their mothers.

For instance, psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease do not occur uniformly among identical twins. And there are often physical differences.

"There are several possible explanations for these observations, but one is the existence of epigenetic differences," Manel Esteller of the Spanish National Cancer Centre in Madrid and colleagues wrote.

This supports theories that environmental factors, such as smoking, diet and exercise, affect DNA directly, the researchers said.

It is also possible that, just as DNA mutations occur with simple aging, the epigenetic effects on genes also "drift" with age, the researchers said.

Source: Reuters

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Continuum 2012 by Peter E. Lee

I would like everyone to visit peterelee.tripod.com. This book is science-fiction based on the Dec 12, 2012 Mayan timeline.

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Hobbit was smart, and separate species

Another new species of human! When will scientists admit the presence of hundreds of parallel species indicates mutations from a common external event?

In a study of the shape and contours of its tiny braincase, the 18,000-year-old adult female, who was barely 3ft tall, was found to have anatomical attributes suggesting a capacity for higher thinking processes, a significant memory bank and ability to plan. Not bad for a species with a brain one-third the size of that of a contemporary human.

...The brain study further seemed to confirm earlier conclusions that these people belonged to a separate human species, designated Homo floresiensis, that may be closely related to Homo erectus, the predecessor species of modern Homo sapiens.

Source: The Scotsman

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