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Tuesday, 27. February 2007


I love my suppressive government! How the F__K can you prosecute someone for expressing an opinion in a book and call that fraud. NO wonder we have a drug problem on this planet. Next it will be illegal to wipe your ass! All these people who earn a living making rules for others need to GO. Fast. If 12/21/2012 prophesises that then I am all for it. It is time for mankind to be set free! No more phoney crone leadership to sell us down the river while raiding the national treasury in the name of justice. No more HIV tainted flu vaccines for third world countries to help lower the world population. I have a better way. lets send all politicians to Mars! The Mayans predict the evolution of mankind. They postulate that we will become Telepathic and clairvoyant by 2012. I pray for this every day. If it is true it will be the downfall of all lying bastards everywhere. You know who you are and soon we will to. Prosecute that Mr Suppressive!! You might be a judge! I am man and in Gods eyes I have as much right as you do. I will stand up in his court any day of the week. Can you ???? Men have been suppressed since the beginning of civilization! By who??? Our own leaders. They keep us ignorant so that we need to rely on there leadership and the money continues to flow to the top of the heap. This is why Jesus was crucified. He was a threat that represented the freedom of mankind so he was wacked! Plain and simple. All great leaders who threaten the illuminati leadership get wacked! All of these statements are only my humble opinion based on all that I have read as well as my life experiences.

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