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Friday, 8. September 2006

Maya civilization collapsed: Kings weren't gods

The title says it all. The article fails to expand on it, although I'm sure the scholar has lots of evidence to back up his theory. I'd take it one step further and suggest that the regular Mayans got sick of the "ripping beating hearts out" sacrifices...

The decline of the Maya civilization began some 1,100 year ago when millions of Indians working on the contruction of tall pyramidal temples and palaces learned that their kings weren't gods, Spanish anthropologist Andres Ciudad told EFE.

The collapse of this culture with its brilliant mathematicians, astronomers and engineers, came when monarchs stopped being immortal in the eyes of their subjects, said Ciudad, who is deputy dean of the Faculty of Geography and History at Madrid's Universidad Complutense.

The inhabitants of Mayan lands, which extended through much of what is now Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras and Mexico, at some point understood there was no sense in working themselves to death building pharaonic edifices and temples destined for the burial of kings who had no "heavenly privileges."

Source: MercoPress

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Tuesday, 5. September 2006

New Chinese Pyramid

I wish these reports from China would have photos/videos/depth...

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a group of ancient tombs shaped like pyramids, dating back at least 3,000 years, in Jiaohe City of northeast China's Jilin Province.

The tombs, covering an area of 500,000 square meters (1,000 meters long and 500 meters wide), were found after water erosion exposed part of a mountain, revealing two of the tombs.

Six smaller tombs had eroded away leaving no indications of their original scale and appearance, but the biggest tomb, located on the south side of the mountain, could clearly be discerned as a pyramid shape with three layers from bottom to top.

The pyramid's square bottom is about 50 meters long and 30 meters wide, about the size of a basketball court, with an oval platform on the top, about 15 meters long and 10 meters wide. The tomb was made of stone and earth dug out from the hill. </td></tr></table><br><br><table title="Links worked at time of posting - some need free registration"><tr><td class="source">

Source: Xinhua

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Monday, 4. September 2006

2012 Videos at YouTube

Go to YouTube, search for 2012, and if you skip the London Olympics videos, there are quite a few (29 I counted) directly or indirectly about a 2012 cataclysm/transition. My faves are:

2012 - What the #@%$ does it mean
[Dimensional Shift]

Jesus, the Mesiah is coming
[same guys - Dome of the Rock...Messiah in 2012]

[animation - apocalyptic - great song "end of the world" by COLD]

2012: The Odyssey - Movie Preview
[feat. Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Geoff Stray

["The Man Comes Around" - Johnny Cash - great video & song]

graham hancock egypt and mayan astronemy
[lovely summary]

Preview of Interview with John Major Jenkins

William Shatner - Mysteries of the Gods - Clip 2
[Old Video - Nasca Lines & Aliens]

2012: End of Days?
[High School Kids & Teacher provide Amateur Views]

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Saturday, 2. September 2006

Man makes robot clone of himself

Ishiguro's silicone-and-steel doppelgänger was made from casts taken from his own body. Powered by pressurized air and small actuators, it runs on semiautonomous motion programs.

It blinks and fidgets in its seat, moving its foot up and down restlessly, its shoulders rising gently as though it were breathing. These micromovements are so convincing that it's hard to believe this is a machine -- it seems more like a man wearing a rubber mask. But a living, breathing man. [and it talks...]

Source: Wired

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Tuesday, 29. August 2006

Peruvian Stargate: Puerta de Hayu Marca

I'd not heard of it before, but the story dates back to 1996:

A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Hayu Marca, 35 kilometres from the city of Puno has long been revered by local indians as the "City of the
Gods", and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain. Although no actual city has ever been discovered, many of the rock formations of the region resemble buildings and artificial structures. The door, or the "Puerta de Hayu Marca" (Gate of the gods/spirits) has been at some time in the distant past carved out of a natural rock face and in all measures exactly seven meters in height by seven meters in width with a smaller alcove in the center at the base, which measures in at just under two meters in height.

Source: OneLight.com

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Monday, 28. August 2006

Rolling Stone Magazine: 2012 Feature

Author Daniel Pinchbeck says in his blog:

I stopped by the Rolling Stone office and picked up an advanced copy of the new issue (Sept 7, 2006), which contains a substantial feature on me, titled “Daniel Pinchbeck and the New Psychedelic Elite”, by Vanessa Grigoriades. It will be hitting the newsstands in a few short hours. My reaction to this article is extremely mixed. For the most part, I am happy that it has seen the light of day, as it is no doubt going to feed discussion around shamanism, psychedelics, my books, the concept of a global consciousness shift as we approach the year 2012, etcetera. From my perspective, the growing awareness of this alternative paradigm is, in itself, part of the prophecy – a necessary step in the process of bringing a new world into manifestation.

Source: Amazon Author Profile

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Saturday, 26. August 2006

Strange Holes in Russia

Residents of Novoselovo district in the Krasnoyarsk region have come across a mysterious phenomenon in the field. They discovered several tunnels of unknown origin in an area located some 100 meters away from the highway connecting the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan , in the vicinity of the village of Kurgany, Siberian News Agency reports.

There are about 10 holes in the field. Each hole has an entrance to a cave-like hollow place in the earth. Some of the tunnels are big enough for a person of medium height to stand up straight. According to one of the suppositions, all the underground passages are interconnected in a network. A few daredevils equipped with flashlights attempted walking across the tunnels.

Local residents have a number of theories to explain the origin of the tunnels. Some people believe the tunnels are the work of unidentified pranksters, others blame mysterious animals which reportedly dig holes in the ground. According to yet another theory, the tunnels may somehow be related to an earthquake that occurred in the area 3 years ago.

Source: Pravda

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Thursday, 24. August 2006

Solar Cycle Has Turned?

"A backward sunspot is a sign that the next solar cycle is beginning."

....It sounds exciting, but Hathaway is cautious on several fronts:

First, the sunspot lasted only three hours. Typically, sunspots last days, weeks or even months. Three hours is fleeting in the extreme. "It came and went so fast, it was not given an official sunspot number," says Hathaway. The astronomers who number sunspots didn't think it worthy!

Second, the latitude of the spot is suspicious. New-cycle sunspots almost always pop up at mid-latitudes, around 30o N or 30o S. The backward sunspot popped up at 13o S. "That's strange."

These odd-isms stop Hathaway short of declaring the onset of a new solar cycle. "But it looks promising," he says.

Source: NASA

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Sunday, 20. August 2006

Robbie Williams: 2012 — watch out kids

Robbie Williams has announced he wants to start his own religion and dedicate it to extra terrestrials.
Williams also told BBC Radio presenter Chris Evans that his planned religion seems to have more in common with the Raelian organization. He wants it to be “free and universal”.
He also said: “aliens are definitely on their way, seriously. Mark my words. From now until 2012 — watch out kids."

Source: Raelian News

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Friday, 18. August 2006

Moon's bulge explained?

Personally, I think it is the join line, like what you see on cheap, plastic toys...

The moon's peculiar shape can be explained if the satellite moved in an eccentric oval-shaped orbit 100 million years after its violent formation, when the satellite hadn't yet solidified, the researchers say.

It was like a big ball of molasses and all around the equator it got deformed, study team member Ian Garrick-Bethell of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology told SPACE.com.

Around that time, conditions, such as orbit shape and position, were optimal for this "ball of molasses" to cool down and become the solid moon that we now know.

Source: CNN

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Monday, 14. August 2006

Bosnian pyramid just a hill?

Robert Schoch (written by his colleague) thinks that the Bosnian pyramid is a hoax

They say:

"the pavement is of natural formation and not manmade"

"The angle of the Pyramid taken from the air was to show the other sides that are not shown, as the only side that really looks like a pyramid is the only picture that is usually portrayed."

"we have many samples, none of which are showing ancient man made intervention to create a pyramid"

Source: Daily Grail

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Sunday, 13. August 2006

Pyramid found in Ukraine?

Could be real, or perhaps lots of hype about psuedo-pyramids is just the fashion these days.

This unusually important find was noticed just two years ago by school-children from an archeology camp. So far, only the top sections of the huge constructions have been uncovered and scientists say that it will take a whole decade to fully clean the soil off the pyramids. In connection with this, under the authority of the Department of Tourism and Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Luganskaya regional administration, a hotel will be built next to the pyramids and the excavation site will become an open air museum.

Gigantic pyramids, very similar to Egyptian ones, have recently been discovered in Luganshchina. Scientists conclude that five thousand years ago, a highly developed civilization lived on the territory of modern Ukraine.

Source: Pravda

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Saturday, 12. August 2006

Apocalypto Update

....according to the film's website, "Apocalypto" promises "a heart-stopping mythic action-adventure set against the turbulent end-times of the once-great Mayan civilization." The story centers on a kidnapped hero's bid to escape a mass sacrifice at one Maya center. According to another description of the plot in Time magazine's March preview, a ruler orders the mass sacrifice of hapless captives to appease the gods and avert a drought.

The only problem, and big cause for worry among archaeologists, is "the classic Maya really didn't go in for mass sacrifice," Lucero says. "That was the Aztecs."

Source: azcentral.com

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Thursday, 10. August 2006

David Icke on 2012

Many believe that the culmination of major energy cycles identified by the Maya will happen on December 21st 2012. Others, like Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, the author of books such as The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, say this date is actually October 28th 2011. Still other estimates I have seen say February 10th 2011. Whatever it may be, it's soon, and it correlates with what I was told many times in 1990, and on numerous occasions since, that a spiritual awakening of fantastic proportions has arrived.

The Maya believed that the earth has been going through nine cycles, made up of 'days' and 'nights' (good times and challenging times) and that each cycle contained 20 times more 'creation' than the last. Calleman says that this does not mean that 'time' passes quicker with each cycle, it only appears to because more and more 'creation' - activity - is taking place.

For me, what we are looking at here is the Matrix computer program, the Time Loop as I call it. I do not believe, as most Maya researchers seem to think, that these cycles chart the evolution of consciousness. Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Awareness, does not need to 'evolve' by experiencing the virtual reality game here on earth. I would suggest it is far more related to the potential of consciousness manifest itself in this realm and thus influence the program.

No mention of Jewish lizard-people!

Source: Mayan Majix

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Tuesday, 8. August 2006

2012: Nine Foot Tree God & Blood-Vomit

According to Robert Sitler these are things the Mayans themselves have said about 2012:

"Tzuhtz-(a)h-oom u(y)-uxlahuun pik (ta) Chan Ahaw, ux(-te') Uniiw. Uht-oom ? Y-em(al) (?) Bolon Yookte' K'uh ta (?). "
"The thirteenth pik will be finished (on) Four Ahaw, the third of K'ank'in. ? will occur. (It will be) the descent(?) of the Nine Foot Tree God to (?)."

"4 Ahaw k'atun is the eleventh k'atun according to the count. Chichen Itza is the seating of the k'atun. The settlement of the Itzas comes. The quetzal comes, the green bird comes. He of the yellow tree comes. Blood-vomit comes. K'uk'ulkan shall come...." Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel.

Source: Robert Sitler

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Thursday, 3. August 2006

More from the Indian Journalist

As usual, curiousity value only. How this "newspaper" gets into Google News, considering such commentary presented as facts, is anyone's guess!

December 21, 2012 - are you ready?

The simultaneous polar reversal in earth and sun will throw the solar system out of whack. That will cause massive upheaval in the earth. At that point of time, the extraterrestrials will officially show up and put “cosmic seat belts” around us as they apply the superpower of the Hyperspace to bring the solar system back to what it is today.

This has happened before. The extraterrestrials take care of the earth and the solar system whenever the solar system faces challenges like that.

According to scientists and technologists something strange is happening behind the scene. The terrestrial and solar polar reversal peaks are coming within three weeks of that day, December 21, 2012. Innumerable UFOs are scouting our skies regularly and increasing as we approach that day. The tectonic plate shifts, underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and Tsunamis are increasing at rates never seen before. The solar flares are increasing. The earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere are experiencing strange disturbances. The numbers of typhoons and cyclones have increased many folds. The number of floods and droughts has increased beyond imaginations in the last ten years. Scientists who look beyond conventional science point out that that the Hyperspace that contain our Universe is also showing signs that something strange is happening in our universe. The multidimensional time research is showing that a parallel universe may be predicting strange effects.

Source: IndiaDaily

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Tuesday, 1. August 2006

A Stonehenge for France

This is rather exciting. Same era as Stonehenge, and not messed with since. All they have to do is raise the stones from where they fell, and the design can be resurrected.

[Kerdruelland, near Belz, in Morbihan]

Archaeologists working on the Kerdruelland site over the past nine months have discovered not one but 60 "lost" menhirs. They believe that they were erected - and then destroyed - during the "middle period" of the standing stones era in western Europe, in around 2500 BC. (This was about the same time that the main ring at Stonehenge was constructed, possibly by invaders from Brittany).

Because the Kerdruelland menhirs have been preserved in mud and silt for 4,500 years, they should offer important new information on how such alignments were created and why. At the well-known sites, such as Carnac and Stonehenge, some of the stones have been moved or propped up or stolen or added over the centuries. Here the stones, up to 2m long, lie just as they did after they were felled four-and-half millennia ago.

....The fact that the stones were erected, and then deliberately toppled, at roughly the same time, is also an important discovery. It offers new evidence that the neolithic was a period of social and religious upheavals, revolutions and wars. In other words, the neolithic may have been "megalithic" - obsessed with whacking great stones - but it was not socially or culturally monolithic. Ancient man was as fractious and destructive as modern man.

....Kerdruelland today is a banal stretch of seaside suburbia. Here and there a huge lump of rough, yellow-orange coloured granite pokes through the plastic protecting the site from summer storms. To have some idea of how Kerdruelland must have looked 4,000 years ago, you do not have to go far. Eight miles to the east are the three vast alignments of stones, and their associated "cromlechs", or large stone circles, near the village of Carnac.

Source: Independent

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Sunday, 30. July 2006

Possibly 2 European Pyramids

You've probably heard of the Bosnian pyramid, but an Italian pyramid may (or may not) have been discovered in 2003, in similar circumstances...

In early 2003, the pyramids of Montevecchia ("Old Mountain" in English), only about 30 miles from the Italian city of Milan, were discovered with the use of satellite and aerial imagery. These pyramids are completely covered by earth and vegetation and now appear to be natural hills... The team's conclusions appeared in the June 2003 issue of WM. The first pyramid was estimated to have a base of 100 metres and a height of 50 metres. Three pyramids in total were surveyed, with one pyramid showing clear signs of stones worked into the structure, close to the surface. A platform with an oblong superstructure of 18 by 9 metres in size was also discovered. All three structures have an inclination of 42 to 43 degrees. The sides of all the pyramids align and are offset from the cardinal points by approximately 7–12 degrees northeast.

Source: Philip Coppins

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Wednesday, 26. July 2006

Mirage of a Entire City

Even if it is just a reflection of the city it is viewed from, it's a damn unusual thing...

Source: chinabroadcast.cn

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Monday, 24. July 2006

Megalithic New England

It's not just Europe that has standing stones and the like:

The Mystery Hill complex, the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in North America, covers over 30 acres and is composed of monolithic standing stones, stone walls and underground chambers, most of which are aligned to obvious astronomical points.

...noted archaeo-astronomer Byron Dix has determined that New England is replete with underground chambers. He says, ". . . there are some 105 astronomically aligned chambers in Massachusetts, 51 in New Hampshire, 41 in Vermont, 62 in Connecticut, 12 in Rhode Island, and 4 in Maine.

Source: s8int

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