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Friday, 22. December 2006

Lakota Spiritual Leader On Wisconsin White Buffalo Calf

By Stephanie M. Schwartz

Freelance Writer - Member, Native American Journalists Association © 2006 Stephanie M. Schwartz 19th Sept 2006

To nearly all the American Indian Nations and Canadian First Nations, white buffalo calves are considered highly sacred. To the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Siouxan Nations, they play a primary role in their traditional beliefs and prophecies.

Since the rare birth of the white buffalo calf, Miracle, on the Heider Family farm in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1994, numerous white buffalo calves have been born across the country. Interestingly, like Miracle, most of these calves have been born on farms owned by non-Native American people. Additionally, as a symbol of hope for peace, people from many cultures have come to know about and honor these creatures.

Miracle died unexpectedly in 2004 of natural causes at only ten years of age; an event which created shock across the indigenous nations and around the world. Now, another sacred white buffalo, named Miracle's Second Chance by Valerie Heider, has been born on the same farm in Wisconsin during a lightning storm on August 25, 2006.

David Swallow, Teton Oglala Lakota traditional spiritual leader from the Pine Ridge Reservation, spoke today on the significance and message he sees in this calf's birth. He clearly believes that the name for this calf was actually part of the message. He said, "The name is right, it is no accident, the birth of Miracle's Second Chance is yes, a second chance for all humanity." And since, to his people, lightning represents the destruction of evil, Swallow feels the message is the strongest yet.

Swallow went on to explain that, "It is not the normal average person or even the normal government people who bring such danger and destruction to the world. It is those who walk in greed and envy who feed the prophesied many-headed serpent who is foretold to consume its supporters."

Swallow explained that the traditional stories of his people tell that the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman came at a time of great need and great strife and war to bring the people back to peace, to living in a good way. She initially appeared to two men. In this first encounter, one of the men was honored, the one who showed respect and right spiritual action. The other was consumed and turned to dust because of his evil intentions.

Swallow believes so it will happen in our world again today, "The birth of this calf symbolizes this, that evil will be destroyed," he said. His words spoke that, "It is time that the white nations and all mainstream cultures return to living in a good way, in peace and harmony with each other and with Grandmother Earth. Only by doing so, will life continue in our world."

But Swallow was clear that there was also a message for the indigenous nations as well. He pointed out that the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman had brought the sacred c'anunpa, the sacred pipe, to his people that they might use it to pray in a good way so that their sincere prayers might be heard by the Divine.

Swallow issued a call to all those who carry a c'anunpa. He said, "The Sacred Pipe carriers, whether they are Native American or not, need to get their sacred c'anunpas out and use them every day to pray for peace and harmony to return to our world in a good way. Pray that the "money" people will wake up and stop destroying Grandmother Earth for profit and that her health will return. You can make a difference, a very real difference. The c'anunpas need to be used for this purpose by all who carry them. They need to do this every day and to walk with these prayers in their hearts"

Swallow continued, "My English is not good. I have to be careful because sometimes I use the wrong words and am misunderstood. But everyone needs to understand this clearly: We all need to pray, whether you have a c'anunpa or not, whether you are American Indian or not. We need to pray because it will only be by prayer that the world will be saved. It will only be by prayer that the hearts of those who are destroying the world can be changed."

Swallow ended by saying, "I have said this is our second chance for humanity. I pray that people will wake up and hear the message. Our lives and our world depend on it." "Ho hecetu yelo, I have spoken."

To see pictures of Miracle's Second Chance on the internet, visit www.whitebuffalomiracle2.homestead.com

Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer, may be reached at SilvrDrach@gmail.com

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Wednesday, 13. December 2006

Black Hole that does 27,000 rpm

That's right, either the fundamentals are wrong, or this black hole spins on its axis 27 thousand times every minute!

GRO J1655-40 has two powerful jets of plasma rushing away from its poles at nearly the speed of light. The illustration above is said to depict both a polar jet and the surrounding accretion disk. But how this curious reversal of gravity’s influence actually works is not yet clear, the theorists say.

Recent investigation has also found that GRO J1655-40 displays an unexpected flickering some 450 times a second. How would the mathematicians respond to something never envisioned by a model that worked only with mass, density, and rotation? Very simply. The hidden black hole must be rotating at an amazing 27,000 rpm, somehow creating an energetic “lighthouse” beam of radiation.

Source: Thunderbolts.info

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Sunday, 10. December 2006

900 B.C. or ear­li­er, writing system discovered

A pre­vi­ously un­known writ­ing sys­tem, with symbols that tend to look like pineapples, possibly the ear­li­est example from the New World, has been found on a stone block in Ver­a­cruz, Mex­i­co. Dating from about 900 B.C. (400 years be­fore writ­ing was considered to have first ap­peared in the Americas) it seems to be from the an­cient Ol­mec civ­i­li­za­tion and could even con­tain po­et­ry!

Source: World Science

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Monday, 27. November 2006

Judaculla Rock

This is new to me, and I have no idea if it is real or fake, if it has meaning or is meaningless, but it reminds me of a parallel world where aliens are "blobby" (wish I had a better word) and hold hands.

Source: UFO Area

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Tuesday, 21. November 2006

Radix: Prophecy in Fiction?

I've only just heard of this book, and have ordered it - Radix by A.A. Attansio. It sounds uncannily similar to my own ideas, ideas based on science and history:

"The story takes place in a future earth after it becomes transformed from a beam of energy/radiation that washes over the earth from a super-massive black hole in the galaxies core."

Source: Future Hi

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Tuesday, 14. November 2006

Space elevators: killer radiation!

Space elevators are touted as a novel and cheap way to get cargo, and possibly people, into space one day. So far, they have barely left the drawing board, but ultimately robots could climb a cable stretching 100,000 kilometres from Earth's surface into space.

But there is a hitch: humans might not survive thanks to the whopping dose of ionising radiation they would receive travelling through the core of the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth.

Solutions include moving the elevator away from the equator, which will only reduce the radiation slightly, and shielding, but "a shield would weigh down the whole apparatus, disrupting the natural motion of the cable."

Source: New Scientist

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Thursday, 2. November 2006

DNA, 2012 & Shamans

There's an article out that looks at DNA, 2012 & transformation. Here's an excerpt:

That is, it is DNA that shape-shifts us between our subtle energy soul light body form and dense energy physical matter body form lifetime-after-lifetime. If you will, you can’t kill us because we can switch back and forth from a physical and non-physical body faster than the speed-of-light. We do this information transfer right now in fact. We toggle between our two bodies at the cellular level each and every second within the zero-point field in order to recreate our cells and the world around us. I wasn’t certain of this until a maverick science writer, Lynne McTaggart of London, England published The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. She confirmed to my demanding satisfaction: "Death may be merely a matter of going home or, perhaps, staying behind—returning to The Field." The Field is the Mind of God. This is gnosis, the knowing that we all hunger to rediscover now leading up to Revelation 2012. It is what Apostle Paul called “Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations; Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” (Colossians 1:26-27)

Source: book-of-thoth.com

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Monday, 30. October 2006

Debunking the Face on Mars

This is a much better face than the on Mars. It is entirely natural and can be visited here on Earth. It was found by someone using Google Earth.

(It's an American Indian)

Source: dvhardware.net

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Saturday, 21. October 2006

Radiation Shielding in Space

he Earth's protective atomsphere protects us from cosmic radiation - but in space the options are to provide shielding or take a gamble. Experts are unsure of how much radiation is safe, but at least this article mentions the possible shielding materials (handy for those who want to cover all cataclysmic possibilities on Earth):

The best option is where the shielding material also adds to the structural integrity of a ship as a whole. "When any material used as a radiation shield can serve a dual purpose, mission costs can usually be reduced," says Rapp. "For space radiation shields, materials with high hydrogen content generally have greater shielding effectiveness, but often do not possess qualities that lend themselves to the required structural integrity of the space vehicle or habitat." Rapp adds that graphite nano-fiber materials heavily impregnated with hydrogen may one day form the basis of future spacecraft shielding. But for now, radiation tests are predominantly conducted using aluminum or regolith shielding (virtually all of the lunar surface is comprised of regolith).

..."A 400-day round trip transit to and from Mars, and about 560 days on the surface... with 15 g/cm2 of aluminum shielding [would equal] about double the allowable annual dose for each leg of the trip to and from Mars." At the very least, Rapp says that at this time: "radiation effects and the effectiveness of shielding remain uncertain."

Source: ScienceAGoGo

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Wednesday, 18. October 2006

Obelisks mark ancient equator

The ancient equator, with a pole in Alaska, from 10,000 years ago - prior to the last poleshift, has been proposed by others before. Given the number of existing ancient sites, I dismissed this "alignment" as merely a statistical probability - given enough sites, some are bound to line up in an approximate manner..

However, this alignment includes:

Sacred Site Distance from Ancient Equator

The Great Pyramid 0 miles Machu Picchu 3 miles Nazca 0 miles Easter Island 9 miles Anatom Island 0 miles Angkor Wat 85 miles Mohenjo Daro 7 miles Persepolis 6 miles Petra 3 miles

And, as I am amazed to learn from Robert Berringer, two of these sites contain very similar markers, the sort of markers one would create to mark the equator, as we do today in Ecuador, Sumatra and Ecuador again.

The ancient markers are both created by carving a large body of solid rock until, only an obelisk exists. What are the odds of two cultures from opposite ends of the world to create the same type of monument???

One is the Intihuatana stone, Machu Picchu, although quite small, the obleisk is definitely carved from rock.

The other is in Petra: a pair of obelisks , on the Attuf Ridge.

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Saturday, 14. October 2006

Supernova - Twice As Bright!

A supernova more than twice as bright as others of its type has been observed, suggesting it arose from a star that managed to grow more massive than theoretically predicted.

Why is this big news? Well, whatever the safe distance (in light years) from a supernova used to be, you can now half it. Or more. If they have found one that is twice as bright, you can guarantee that one 10x as bright will occur somewhere in the Universe

Source: New Scientist

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Friday, 13. October 2006

Gigantic Ultraviolet Pulse Beam

A Cosmic Trigger Event will occur on the 17th of October 2006.

This is the beginning, one of many trigger events to come between now and 2013. An ultraviolet (UV) pulse beam radiating from higher dimensions in universe-2 will cross paths with the Earth on this day. Earth will remain approximately within this UV beam for 17 hours of your time. This beam resonates with the heart chakra, it is radiant fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color. Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your universe-1 which you, Earth articulate in. However due to the nature of your soul and soul groups operating from Universe-2 frequency bands it will have an effect. The effect is every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Yes, we will repeat, all will be amplified one millions time and more. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength.

Don't think bad thoughts, kids! Or the big blacklight from space will getcha!

Source: sethd8.wordpress.com

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Gulf of Cambay site: 9,000 years old?

Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 metres (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over 9,000 years old.

...The site was discovered by chance last year by oceanographers from India's National Institute of Ocean Technology conducting a survey of pollution. Using sidescan sonar - which sends a beam of sound waves down to the bottom of the ocean they identified huge geometrical structures at a depth of 120ft.

Debris recovered from the site - including construction material, pottery, sections of walls, beads, sculpture and human bones and teeth has been carbon dated and found to be nearly 9,500 years old.

Source: BBC

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Thursday, 5. October 2006

The Shift of the Ages

If you are into Mayan elders proposing a beautiful shift in 2012, if we are all peaceful and love each other, then this new movie might be worth a look:

Source: The Shift of the Ages

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Tuesday, 3. October 2006

Egyptian Exodus to Scotland?

According to tradition, this royal family was expelled from Egypt during a time of great uprising. They sailed west, settling initially in Spain before travelling to Ireland and then on to the west coast of Scotland. This same race of people eventually battled and triumphed over the Picts to become the Scots – the people who united this country.

Few historians have taken the story to be anything more than a verbose bit of Middle Ages origin story-spinning, created by a nation who needed to prove that they were of ancient stock.

"Most political entities [in medieval times] try and trace the origin of their race back into biblical times," says Steve Boardman, lecturer in Scottish history at Edinburgh University. "It was a way of asserting the natural existence of the kingdom of the Scots."

But now a new book, Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots, by Ralph Ellis, claims to prove that this origin myth was no made-up story but the actual recording of an Egyptian exodus that did indeed conclude in Scotland.

Source: The Scotsman

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Friday, 29. September 2006

Wakamaru - looks after elderly Japanese

The Wakamaru is designed to help the elderly, and will be released next year, costing 1 million yen, ($US8,300):

Its 3-foot-tall frame contains an integrated cell phone that is programmed to call emergency dispatchers automatically if a problem occurs with a patient. An embedded Web camera lets doctors and family members keep an eye on the patient at all times. Speech-recognition software and a built-in dictionary provide the robot's vocabulary.

Wakamaru is so robust that he or she -- Mitsubishi can give the robot either a male or female voice -- can be programmed to remind patients to take their medicine and even call a doctor when it appears that someone is in distress.

The 3-foot-tall yellow wonder on wheels, named after an ancient samurai, can wake people up, warn them about the weather and patrol their house when they leave. It also recognizes faces and can talk.

"Wakamaru can make eye contact and then start the conversation," said Ryota Hiura, senior engineer on the company's robotics team.

Source: Wired + KRT Wire

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Tuesday, 26. September 2006

Bigfoot Carcass in Rusky Museum?

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory:

In the last hour of the overnight appearance of Jeff Meldrum’s and John Bindernagel’s discussion of Bigfoot, September 21-22, an American living in the Ukraine telephoned into the talk-radio program. The credible-sounding individual had an intriguing account.

The man identified himself as an environmental scientist. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he was hired to do air-quality studies at the museum in the university in the changing Leningrad. While taking air samples in a three-level basement beneath the museum in 1992, he said he made a startling find. [St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Tzar Peter the Great, but went through a period of having other names, Petrograd (1914–1924) and Leningrad (1924–1991).]

The American scientist related that he came across an object in a glass case that, according to the label, was an animal (an obvious Bigfoot) taken near a Russian outpost in northern California. The outpost was near Mendocino, and the mounted hominoid was collected in the late 1700s, from what he could tell on the museum label. The huge animal he saw, and said was examined, had several layers of skin, exhibited a foot 17 inches long, and was - amazingly - a 7 ft 1 in tall, hair-covered upright Bigfoot-like figure.

Sounds like early propoganda for a movie, like they did with Blair Witch. If it is a movie, sounds great!

Source: CryptoMundo

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Sunday, 24. September 2006

Japan has launched a Sun 'microscope'

"Solar-B" is one of the new spacecraft dedicated to understanding our Sun. Next month NASA will launch its Stereo mission - two spacecraft that will make 3D observations of the Sun.

The probe will attempt to find out more about the magnetic fields thought to power solar flares, and try to identify the trigger that sets them off.

The ultimate goal for scientists is to use the new insights to make better forecasts of the Sun's behaviour.

Source: BBC

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Monday, 18. September 2006

Ultimate Secure Home

If Colorado suits, and you have half a million dollars, this is an extraordinary place to survive most varieties of the "end of the world". Follow the link and read all the details

  • very thick steel and concrete
  • multiple sources of power and water
  • away from everyone
  • spacious
  • comfortable

    Source: Ultimate Secure Home

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Thursday, 14. September 2006

Neanderthals & humans lived side by side

Neanderthals were thought to have died out as modern humans arrived in Europe. Now, artifacts found in a cave in Gibraltar reveal that the two groups coexisted for millenia before Neanderthals finally dwindled out of existence...

They did not share a cave, but rather shared Europe. There isn't any evidence of the two inter-breeding, so it looks they just lived in the same continent at the same time, perhaps peacefully.

My belief is that the cataclysm of around 10,000BC caused the demise of the Neanderthals, and the mutation of humans into how we are today, as well as other human mutations that did not survive until today - giants, hobbits etc. The Neanderthals and earlier humans are mutated forms of an earlier homo species, wihich occured during the previous cataclysm, whenever that was...

Source: New Scientist

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