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Has over 3000 members, and is very busy, discussing many aspects of 2012 that I never would have thought of. Get yourself over to 2012forum.com and make yourself some new friends.

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This blog is dead, and is now at 2012 blog. That is part of the site where chapters of my book can be read: Survive 2012.

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New Blog for 2012

Rather than remain at the whim of antville.org, most of my new posts will be at my 2012 Blog at Survive2012.com.

Topics these days revolve around catastrophes and survivalism, with special focus on earthquakes and comets and ancient history.

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Strange Bird Formation in Ireland

We are quite used to the V pattern flocks of birds form when flying in formation, but someone has taken a photo of some birds in a star formation. It's either photoshopped, a freak pattern that quickly dispersed, or something actually needing to be researched!

Source: Exexexe

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Bigfoot Carcass in Rusky Museum?

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory:

In the last hour of the overnight appearance of Jeff Meldrum’s and John Bindernagel’s discussion of Bigfoot, September 21-22, an American living in the Ukraine telephoned into the talk-radio program. The credible-sounding individual had an intriguing account.

The man identified himself as an environmental scientist. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he was hired to do air-quality studies at the museum in the university in the changing Leningrad. While taking air samples in a three-level basement beneath the museum in 1992, he said he made a startling find. [St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Tzar Peter the Great, but went through a period of having other names, Petrograd (1914–1924) and Leningrad (1924–1991).]

The American scientist related that he came across an object in a glass case that, according to the label, was an animal (an obvious Bigfoot) taken near a Russian outpost in northern California. The outpost was near Mendocino, and the mounted hominoid was collected in the late 1700s, from what he could tell on the museum label. The huge animal he saw, and said was examined, had several layers of skin, exhibited a foot 17 inches long, and was - amazingly - a 7 ft 1 in tall, hair-covered upright Bigfoot-like figure.

Sounds like early propoganda for a movie, like they did with Blair Witch. If it is a movie, sounds great!

Source: CryptoMundo

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Rolling Stone Magazine: 2012 Feature

Author Daniel Pinchbeck says in his blog:

I stopped by the Rolling Stone office and picked up an advanced copy of the new issue (Sept 7, 2006), which contains a substantial feature on me, titled “Daniel Pinchbeck and the New Psychedelic Elite”, by Vanessa Grigoriades. It will be hitting the newsstands in a few short hours. My reaction to this article is extremely mixed. For the most part, I am happy that it has seen the light of day, as it is no doubt going to feed discussion around shamanism, psychedelics, my books, the concept of a global consciousness shift as we approach the year 2012, etcetera. From my perspective, the growing awareness of this alternative paradigm is, in itself, part of the prophecy – a necessary step in the process of bringing a new world into manifestation.

Source: Amazon Author Profile

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Apocalypto Update

....according to the film's website, "Apocalypto" promises "a heart-stopping mythic action-adventure set against the turbulent end-times of the once-great Mayan civilization." The story centers on a kidnapped hero's bid to escape a mass sacrifice at one Maya center. According to another description of the plot in Time magazine's March preview, a ruler orders the mass sacrifice of hapless captives to appease the gods and avert a drought.

The only problem, and big cause for worry among archaeologists, is "the classic Maya really didn't go in for mass sacrifice," Lucero says. "That was the Aztecs."

Source: azcentral.com

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More from the Indian Journalist

As usual, curiousity value only. How this "newspaper" gets into Google News, considering such commentary presented as facts, is anyone's guess!

December 21, 2012 - are you ready?

The simultaneous polar reversal in earth and sun will throw the solar system out of whack. That will cause massive upheaval in the earth. At that point of time, the extraterrestrials will officially show up and put “cosmic seat belts” around us as they apply the superpower of the Hyperspace to bring the solar system back to what it is today.

This has happened before. The extraterrestrials take care of the earth and the solar system whenever the solar system faces challenges like that.

According to scientists and technologists something strange is happening behind the scene. The terrestrial and solar polar reversal peaks are coming within three weeks of that day, December 21, 2012. Innumerable UFOs are scouting our skies regularly and increasing as we approach that day. The tectonic plate shifts, underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and Tsunamis are increasing at rates never seen before. The solar flares are increasing. The earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere are experiencing strange disturbances. The numbers of typhoons and cyclones have increased many folds. The number of floods and droughts has increased beyond imaginations in the last ten years. Scientists who look beyond conventional science point out that that the Hyperspace that contain our Universe is also showing signs that something strange is happening in our universe. The multidimensional time research is showing that a parallel universe may be predicting strange effects.

Source: IndiaDaily

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Mirage of a Entire City

Even if it is just a reflection of the city it is viewed from, it's a damn unusual thing...

Source: chinabroadcast.cn

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New Online 2012 Book

It is called 21.12.2012 Prophecy - End of the world, and it is long. Looks like more New Age mumbo jumbo to me, for example:

A string of incoherent spatial shells forms a linear flow of time in between in the same way that a string of incoherent time shells forms an uninterrupted flow of space in between. The shells are lined one within the other in all different directions of space and time thus gradually building up an uninterrupted density of space on a larger scale. A string of spatial shells is opposed by an equal and opposite string of time shells, which are their corresponding motions. Such motions of the spatial shells are building up the larger spatial shells (light speed difference) opposed by a correspondingly larger motions. The polynomial reaction of every finite manifestation is infinite....

Source: endoftime2012.com

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Online Chapter of 2012 Book

Daniel Pinchbeck has a chapter of his new book online at Disinformation. The book is called 2012: The Return Of Quetzalcoatl (Jeremy P. Tarcher, New York, 2006).

Source: DisInfo.com

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The Americas Keep Getting More Ancient

In the Peruvian Andes archaeologists have discovered the oldest known celestial observatory in the Americas - a 4200-year-old structure marking the summer and winter solstices that is as old as the stone pillars of Stonehenge. More...

Meanwhile, the ancient Maya turn out to be sophisticated a lot earlier than previously thought. More...

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Ophiuchus - the 13th constellation & 2012

There is actually a 13th constellation that could perhaps be part of the zodiac. On Dec 21, 2012, the sun will pass through constellation of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus means Serpent Holder, and in my book I am suggesting that the serpent is the symbol of mutational evolution. Read more at lightparty.com

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Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge

To be held in Sedona, CA, USA on November 11th and 12th. It features speakers like Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch & John Major Jenkins, and is only $135 for the day. I get a feeling the ultimate reason for this get together is to promote the ideas of Walter Cruttenden, who will be telling the audience "that precession is caused by an unseen companion to the sun".

Sounds a bit like Niburu to me, but regardless, if I lived in California I'd be there.

Source: CPAK2005

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2012 = Singularity?

Many or even the majority of folk who think something big will happen 2012, think that it will be something positive (I don't, but hopefully I am wrong...)

The most scientific happy ending theory involves "a kind of singularity, a radical change in the nature of things, or at least the nature of humans will occur that year." Basically, a point where our rate of change and invention as humans reaches a maximum, and some sort of blissful explosion of love and intelligence occurs. Follow the link the read the best single page on this idea I have come across.

Source: NeoFiles: Psycho-Spiritual Transformer

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UFOs coming in 2012

Our friend "Staff Reporter" at India Daily has finally told us what he was building up to:

According to researchers, the Federation of the Universe representing all the 88 star constellations will officially visit earth in 2012 and reveal themselves. It will bring an end to all UFO cover-ups in various countries.
Now that the truth is out, I can stop worrying about 2012 and enjoy life. Thanks "Staff Reporter"!

Source: India Daily

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Modern-day Ouroboros sightings!

I have written previously about the Ouroboros, but this is the first time I have heard of people supposedly seeing them, that they could be real... I don't believe it for a moment, but you never know...

I've been getting hoop-snake stories for I guess 50 years. A reptile of this kind puts its tail in its mouth, arranges itself in a circle, and travels by rolling like a hoop at impressive speeds.

All the snake books I ever read, written by experts, say no such creature exists. Yet I keep getting these hoop-snake-sighting reports, from perfectly intelligent people

Source: Houston Chronicle

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New 2012 Book

The Sixth World by Margaret Evans

"The Sixth World" (thesixthworld.com) is a fictional page-turner based on popular beliefs of two California archaeologists who have discovered Maya readying for the new age when they will again rule the world.

It's all expected to happen on Dec. 22, 2012 based on actual Mayan predictions of the new age involving the Earth’s ongoing reverse magnetic energy, sunspots and solar flares. These estimates are backed by many popular websites like 2near.com, 12-12-12.org and timewavezero.com.

"The one thing I continually learn is the more we find out about this culture, the deeper the mysteries seem to grow," Evans said. "While I’m not sure what will happen on December 22, 2012, I think we will all be in for a surprise of some kind.

"The previous five Aztec/Mayan ages were marked with worldwide/cosmic events jibing pretty closely with our own scientific/historic theories, such as asteroids hitting the earth and killing off the dinosaurs. I guess I just can’t get past the Maya being such an intelligent, talented people who could predict planetary and astral movements without the aid of telescopes and machines. What they knew was phenomenal. How they knew it is unknown. That’s my fascination."

Source: Survive 2012: Fiction Books

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Army rations rehydrated by urine

Well, a few crazy folk drink their urine and say it is harmless, so why not...

Would you eat food cooked in your own urine? Food scientists working for the US military have developed a dried food ration that troops can hydrate by adding the filthiest of muddy swamp water or even peeing on it.

The ration comes in a pouch containing a filter that removes 99.9 per cent of bacteria and most toxic chemicals from the water used to rehydrate it, according to the Combat Feeding Directorate, part of the US Army Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts. This is the same organisation that created the "indestructible sandwich" that will stay fresh for three years

Source: New Scientist

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