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Wednesday, 4. February 2004


In the United States it was not yetr the United States. It was a green continent, mostly unspoiled ripe for takeover.

First there were MANY slayings of the native people. THEN they filled ships up with slaves from ANOTHER relatively unspoiled continent and putthem to work. THEN they had a revolution against the tyrants they'd left behind in Britain (their cousins, brothers and sisters) and said it was for Liberty, Justice and Freedom. without the sytematic genocide of many people it would have been impossible, including British as well as slaves who died in misery. The United States was thusly born.

SO? Genghis Khan. Alexander the Great. Mass Murderers have for whatever damned reason, been painted as heroes after their conquests. it always involved blood.

When people say that America is nothing like Nazi Germany was at the height of its infamy I have to laugh: because history shows differently.

But i realise that of course secrets and lies have made a lot of this possible. FORTUNATELTY this is the 21st century: so instead of just intuitively shooting my mouth off i can show you the proof.


yes, it is true horror.

There are racists of every race: they almost always hide their racism under a pretense of righteousness.

People do get to make their own decisions in life no matter who says otherwise. But --

humanity will figure out alternatives to war. We can tell by listening to the arguments of those who say that such is "impossible' --

and then, if we really care, look into the statements of the people who have spoken out against war. Basically it is women and children who suffer the most in ANY armed conflict. Have some respect for women and children before saying that war is inevitable: because you are saying then that the lives of children and women are expendable things: easily replaced by another big push.

think about it! Because there is a man in power today whose grandfather was tried for selling steel and war supplies to the country his country, the United States of American, was fighting against. Prescott bush is his name.

In the American Revolution: famous traitor Benedict Arnold was hanged for treason. Prescott Bush got a cash fine (he was rich: he paid it off) and went on to found the USO and maneuver his son and grandson into...well you've heard of geroge Bush, right?

wake up.

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