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Tuesday, 22. April 2008

Alpha Omega 2012

Ok. I'm not a scientist in fact i'm not even sure if I spelled it right. However I do know that no one knows when the end of the world is... I will say, I am a christian and I know the things in the bible are VERY far off. Think of this SO far the Bible's predictions have not been wrong yet. Some of them have not came true yet. I belive that one day it will. This shift will complete Revelation 6:14 (Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and EVERY MOUNTAIN AND ISLAND WAS MOVED OUT OF IT'S PLACE.) Not everyone thinks like me and I respect people and don't bash what I believe in peoples faces. The fact is that we are already in the end times. Just because this shift will happens doesn't mean that's the end. Revelation chapter 6-7. There are different places in the bible that describe the end, It mentions earthquakes, flood, fire and faminne. The anti-christ I believe he's around. The thing is no one knows when the world will be destroyed. So the calender Dec 21 2012. Yea somthing bad will happen if we shift but that dosn't mean that no one will survive. Oh and for some people that are sceptic on the bible and my religion I'm not going to try to say that your wrong. One thing I hate most is when other people push their thoughts on me. Which is another reason why people turn away from being a christian. I belive what I believe and the only thing is.... if I'm wrong, I have NOTHING to lose. but I know he exsist and I bet I can find any answer to any question that anyone has about weather or not he exsist... The main part of this whole blog is to have people think. Do some digging in revelation prophecy because when that day comes I would hate to have not done anything to help be a tool to help save someone.

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