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Monday, 25. June 2007

2012, response to judge

Albert Gongelez is a fool. Majority of public lost confidence in him. Most feel same about our judge and government. Not just americans but world as a whole. We're free to speak our own minds. and im probably the least educated as far as it comes concerning the law, or courts. but i spend a good 4-8 hrs a day watching history, science, and discovery etc. and so i read post about authors being prosecututed for false stories? i havent even read thier stories. but i can say, many of us who do read or beleve, or understand what is being said, its majority is probably re-written history based on theory of the mayans they predicted many events that have happened on earth to this date. those embeciles who attempt to silence us people need to be shown thier place where they belong, cause we as people, have right to be informed. educated and prepare for such if anything was to happen. sure they might be trying to re-kindle our thoughts to prevent panic or such, but look at hurricane andrew and katrina many died as a result of our government failure i think its natural people decide to research on thier own and thankful for those who have the time and knowledge to put such resources out readily avialable to us to be prepared on our own, cause unfortunately we cant always rely on our govn.

i was orginally an evolutionist growing up many years. so obviously im facinated in science. and unlike religion, i think being able to see proof before our own eyes thru science is more conviencing. im not saying religion is false or anything. my orginal beleif was "religion" was purpose to balance good between evil cause if we all killed each other, what the point of life?

BTW 2012 doesnt neccessarily mean end of world. mayans have said/predicted along with biblical beleifs that "one ending to life will come another" what this means we can only spectulate.

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