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Saturday, 3. March 2007

purity of spirit

Has it been said? The birds of the air will make themselves ready! Hasn't it been said? I will come, like a thief in the night! It now will be said... Creation was, and forever will be, the great dream! Singularity, emanating and withdrawing itself away from the collective unity known as god - the great spirit. The tree of life; The tree of knowledge; Our world had already been seen, our world had already been lived. Strange, you may wonder as your eyes slowly close. Is not the past really the future, and isn't the future really the past. The great paradox<> rational turnes to irrational, add free will and the irrational becomes rational. Hasn't it been said? Split a piece of wood and you will find me, lift a stone and I will be their! Continue to search the dream within yourselves and the answer will make itself known, yes seek! What good comes from prophecy? Wear a sweater and the air will turn hotter, yield yourself naked and the air will become colder. Prepare for death and you will live forever, prepare for everlasting life and ye shall surely die. It has been said, the first will be last; and the last shall become first.

There will be signs in the last days, store the seeds of the cultivating fields.  For the reaper has cometh for a new day, for all will be made new again.  Yes, the days will speed up in their own time.  for little is coming fast, and large will become unmoveable.
Love was the enigmatic dream of the ancients, and it shall never be lost.  Nurture the love found in the last man adam>< So that it will become nature for the first man adam<>                               

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